Podcasting: A Massive Resource Guide

Podcasting: A Massive Resource Guide.

In this MASSIVE resource guide you’ll find absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create, launch, grow, monetize, and maintain your podcast.

I’ll connect you with the best in the business as it relates to podcasting and, ultimately, I’ll give you a guide that you can come back to at any stage of your podcasting journey.

Really Big Resource Guide for Podcasters

How To Use This Guide

This resource guide is organized based on the stage of your podcasting journey. Whether you have only just discovered podcasting or have already started to monetize, you’ll be able to quickly find the resources you are looking for.Take your time with this, don’t try to consume it all at once and get overwhelmed. Find the information you need, and then go about your business. When you need something else come back and say hi.

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Stage 1: Research & Education

Where we explore what you can do after having the idea for a podcast and the tools to help set yourself up for success.

Stage 2: Production

Where we talk about EVERYTHING you need to produce the various aspects of your podcast. From artwork to intro music and everything in between.

Stage 3: Launch & Grow

Where we list all of the tools and educational resources for launching your podcast and building an audience.

Stage 4: Monetize

Where we talk about all of the options for monetizing your podcast. From selling products to creating swag and everything in between.