Stage 1: Research & Education

Stage 1: Research & Education

When getting started with a new podcasting project it may seem that there isn’t much you can do. This is far from the truth. During the early stages of your podcast you should focus on thoroughly researching your space and learning the ins and outs of launching, producing, and publishing a podcast.

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After deciding to launch a podcast your first step should be to research the niche and find examples of other podcasts doing similar things.

iTunes and iOS
There is a love/hate relationship with iTunes and its New and Noteworthy section. No one truly understands what goes into determining whether or not a podcast gets ranked here but at the very least it’s a good place to go to get an understanding of what is out there for your niche. Open the app and organize the page by category to see what pops up.

Download iTunes
I’m a big fan of because it’s allowed quite a few of my listeners to discover my show with virtually no work required from me. The reason is because has a fantastic discovery engine. Head to their website and do a search based on the category or keyword you’d like to operate within.


Stitcher Radio
Stitcher is a bit unique from a research standpoint thanks to their “trending now” section. With the ability to search for content by hashtag you can get a little more granular in your research.

Use Stitcher


There are tons of information on the web today to help you navigate the process of launching a podcast. The key question to ask is how actionable those resources are and how up to date they are. Below you’ll find the same guides I used when first learning to start a show.

Pat Flynn’s Guide
You may know Pat Flynn as the guy from Smart Passive Income. This guide on how to start a podcast is one of the most in depth and thorough that you’ll find.

How to Start a Podcast

Free Podcast Course Podcast
This is a podcast about how to launch and grow a podcast. Created by John Lee Dumas (referred to as the King of Podcasting in some circles), this course delivers on its promise by offering a massive amount of content absolutely free.

Listen to Free Podcast Course on iTunes
Listen to Free Podcast Course on Stitcher

Feeling overwhelmed? Click here and download the Essential Checklist to guide you throughout every step. Get the Essential Resource Guide Now!

Stage 1: Research & Education

Where we explore what you can do after having the idea for a podcast and the tools to help set yourself up for success.

Stage 2: Production

Where we talk about EVERYTHING you need to produce the various aspects of your podcast. From artwork to intro music and everything in between.

Stage 3: Launch & Grow

Where we list all of the tools and educational resources for launching your podcast and building an audience.

Stage 4: Monetize

Where we talk about all of the options for monetizing your podcast. From selling products to creating swag and everything in between.