Stage 3: Launch & Grow

Stage 3: Launch & Grow

It’s finally time to launch your podcast and move into the growth stage, but what resources will you need to make that happen? In the sections below I’ll walk you through everything you should be considering as you make the leap from wannabe podcaster to published podcaster.

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Promoting your podcast isn’t always easy, unlike most other mediums there aren’t many ways to encourage discussion or shares. The tools and resources below can help you better promote the show on launch day and beyond.
Thunderclap helps you amplify your message using the “power of the crowd”. Essentially it allows you to recruit people who are willing to share your message and then coordinate a blast across multiple social platforms and social accounts.

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Your First 10k Downloads
This is a free podcast all about how to maximize the exposure of your show and attract your first 10,000 downloads. The hosts, Chris Cerrone and Laci Urcioli, are veteran podcasters who know how to play the game.

Your First 10k Downloads on iTunes
Your First 10k Downloads on Stitcher

Social Media

Social media plays an interesting role in the world of podcasting due to the limitations placed on sharing your episodes. With that said, it’s still a vital part of the formula. Below I’ve compiled what I believe to be the best approaches for using today’s most popular platforms.
For the purpose of podcasting Twitter should be thought of as your comment board. Since the iTunes platform doesn’t allow for comments on individual episodes, sending listeners back to Twitter can be a great way to engage them thanks to its approach to open communication. Sharing episodes on Twitter in the form of an update may be a waste of time though due to its “firehose” problem.

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Anchor is a newer platform with a lot of potential for podcasters. It’s based entirely on the creation and sharing of audio content, this means listeners now have the opportunity to talk back to you…if you can get them to download it and create an account.

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When using Facebook for your podcast you should be thinking of groups, videos, and ads. Sharing episodes directly to the newsfeed can sometimes work but will likely get less engagement and consumption than if you were to convert it to a video and post it natively. Additionally, Facebook groups are an excellent way to start building your community and putting a face to your listeners.

Join Facebook
Using Instagram is tricky for podcasters due to the visual nature of the platform. With that said, if you are good at it the platform can serve as a great complement to the audio that you normally share. Some ideas to try are behind-the-scenes stories, crowdsourced selfies, quote images, and photos of your guests.

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This is a tough platform to use for most marketers and business owners at the moment for a few reasons. Lack of a discovery tool, lack of a news feed, and the fact that it’s a massive shift from what we’ve been used to. With that said, if you can crack the formula you have a chance to stand out as one of the few podcasters actively using the platform. Some content ideas to try are behind-the-scenes stories, rants, takeovers with other snappers, and event coverage.

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Community Building

The secret to building a podcast that not only gets a lot of downloads, but is able to retain the listenership is in community building. The resources below will help you build an engaged community around your show.
Facebook Groups
I’m a massive fan of Facebook groups. They are easy to use, their organic reach is fairly high to all members, and once you get them to the point that users start engaging it can become a place for everyone to create their own content. Oh and since Facebook basically owns the world you shouldn’t have any problem finding your listeners on the platform.

Create a Facebook Group

Email List

One thing nearly every successful solopreneur or digital entrepreneur says is that they wish they had started building their email list sooner. Don’t make that same mistake, use the resources below to start building your email list from day one.
I’m a big fan of Aweber as an email service provider. Their tool is simple to use, it’s easy to build segments and get some more advanced marketing done, and it’s affordable. I’ve personally been using them for years to build my email lists across different businesses.

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Mailchimp is a great option for list building. There are some limitations when compared to Aweber, but thanks to their free option this service becomes a bit more attractive to people just starting out.

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LeadPages isn’t an email service provider but they do make it extremely simple to build your email list by providing easy drag-and-drop landing pages, pop-up boxes, and custom lead magnet delivery.

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Content Destinations

Where you publish your podcast is up to you but in order to make the best decisions you should at least know what’s out there. Below you’ll find the best podcast destinations available to your show.
iTunes and the iOS podcasts app are the two largest platforms for podcast consumption. As such, it only makes sense that you should be there. Submitting your show to iTunes is a fairly straightforward process and approval can often come quickly.

Submit Your Podcast to iTunes
Google Play
Google Play is the new guy on the block and is responsible for a very small percentage of total downloads in the industry. It’s worth submitting your show here since it’s easy to do, but I would advise against spending any real effort trying to get exposure on the platform.

Submit Your Podcast to Google Play
Stitcher is one of the top podcast consumption platforms for many android phone users. Stitcher has quite a large audience but exposure on the platform is a tough nut to crack.

Submit Your Podcast to Stitcher
This platform is bigger in the DJ space than for “talk-radio” style podcasts. With that said, Soundcloud does provide for a much more shareable experience so if you have the bandwidth to publish here you should try to do so.

Publish Your Podcast to Soundcloud
I haven’t personally experimented much with Clammr but from what I’ve heard it’s a good platform for “previewing” a podcast before committing to the full episode. Publishing here doesn’t take much effort but it’s a separate process from publishing to other platforms so whether or not it’s worth it should be considered.

Try Clammr
Publishing your podcast episode to YouTube is a great way to squeeze out a tiny bit more exposure thanks to the size of the platform. With that said, YouTube is made for video so while you should be able to attract some additional listeners it may not be worth the extra steps required to publish there.

Publish Your Podcast to YouTube
Facebook Video
I’ve seen quite a few podcasters attract an extra few hundred views by publishing their episode as videos within Facebook. This is thanks, in part, to the extra exposure that Facebook is serving videos and so you have to question whether or not the trend will last. Additionally, since the platform was built for video you need to decide whether or not the additional exposure is worth the effort required to publish.

Publish Your Podcast to Facebook

Feeling overwhelmed? Click here and download the Essential Checklist to guide you throughout every step. Get the Essential Resource Guide Now!

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