5 Examples of an Awesome Business Podcast Logo


Here’s a fun game:

  1. Open up the iTunes podcast marketplace on your computer
  2. Go into the business section
  3. Click “all podcasts”
  4. Scroll through the options and see what jumps out at you

You may be surprised at what pops up.

The truth is that most podcasts have pretty bad artwork. If you did the activity above you probably noticed that there is no end to the number of podcasts that have their host’s image on the cover.

Side Note: Why is it that so many people default to that? It really adds no additional value to you or the listener.

Not only are there tons of podcasts that have their host’s images on them, there are also tons that have illustrations that just don’t make sense for the concept.

It’s quite painful to see, and it’s probably costing the host A LOT of downloads as well.

Because the fact is that the quality of your artwork is one of the biggest determining factors between a listener discovering your show and them moving on to the next person.

So you owe it to your audience to create something good, eye-catching, and click-worthy.

Here’s how you can do just that:

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1. Show Some Personality

askpatWho Does it Well: Ask Pat

I just spent quite a bit of time talking about podcasters who put their images on the artwork for the show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has been able to make this work beautifully with his podcast Ask Pat thanks to his existing brand awareness.

Why It Works: 

  1. He has a recognizable personal brand
  2. He shows some personality in the photo
  3. The photo is extremely high quality

Now don’t get me wrong, most people in the world don’t know who Pat Flynn is and so this image won’t resonate with the majority of the planet. With that said, the people in his target audience WOULD recognize him in an instant. Additionally, by drawing a mustache on his finger and showing that small little grin he is displaying just enough of his dorky side to make it interesting.

How You Can Do It:

People like authenticity so if you are going to brand yourself, be your authentic self. Take a photo that captures your real personality rather than the standard glamor shot.

2. Keep it Simple

ofdWho Does it Well: Optimal Finance Daily

Sometimes the best artwork is the simplest artwork. Sometimes it can be as easy as taking your company’s logo, adding a black background, arranging it in a visually appealing way, and then writing the name of the show over it. That’s what Justin Malik did over at Optimal Finance Daily and boy is it effective.

Why It Works:

  1. It’s easy to read
  2. It clearly communicates what the show is about
  3. The green and black stand out in a sea of artwork

How You Can Do It:

I want to make sure this is clear, it’s not just about plastering your logo on a black background and hoping for the best. This artwork does well because the logo is used so effectively. The green O and L are overlayed along the side of the background. They aren’t even legible on their own but the difference in opacity between the two creates a unique framing that allows the title of the show to pop. If you are going to do something simple like this it needs to prioritize legibility of the title and bringing in enough color to allow it the artwork to stand against the competition.

3. Explain Your Concept Clearly

ccWho Does it Well: Conversion Cast

Having an idea is easy, being able to clearly explain that idea is much more difficult. That’s exactly what the team over at LeadPages have been able to do with Conversion Cast. Hosted by Tim Paige, Conversion Cast prides itself on going straight to the heart of the metrics. This means focusing on the specific things entrepreneurs and marketers have done to improve their conversion.

Why It works:

  1. Artwork clearly represents their core idea
  2. Solid background and large text allow you to focus where it counts

How You Can Do It:

To pull something like this off you need to take the time required to truly understand your concept and what its value is to your audience. Conversion Cast’s one line explanation is that they focus on getting “to the heart of the metrics”. Having this one sentence explanation gives them a great place to start when figuring out visual methods of communicating that idea. Take the time to boil your show and your concept down to a single idea, do that and you’ll have a much easier time coming up with artwork like this.

4. Focus On Your Title

coolWho Does it Well: Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Sometimes the name of your show is so unique that making it the focus of your artwork just makes sense. That’s what Thom Singer did with Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. In addition to an eye-catching layout, the use of his title as the artwork allows him to very clearly communicate what the show is about and who might find it interesting.

Why It Works:

  1. The name of the show communicates exactly what it is about.
  2. The longer name lends itself to a unique presentation
  3. The white background and main circle help it to stand out in iTunes from all the other “squares”

How You Can Do It:

We all know that iTunes calls for a standard square shape in its listing but ask yourself what other shapes you could use to highlight your show’s title while giving it the necessary “clickability” to win.

5. Use Fancy Illustrations

sbbWho Does it Well: Small Biz Brainiac

One surefire way to stand out in a sea of faces is to use clever illustration as a way to communicate your idea. That’s what Thomas Rock Lindsey did over at Small Biz Brainiac. There’s one important thing this show did that many other podcasts skip over. The illustration you use has got to make sense for your show! I can’t tell you how many illustrated lightbulbs I’ve seen in the iTunes store that don’t relate back to the show title at all.

Why It Works:

  1. The illustrated brain works perfectly with the name Small Biz Brainiac.
  2. The color scheme is bright and naturally allows for it to pop off the screen.

How You Can Do It:

I can’t reiterate this enough, to make this work your illustration has to be related to your show. This means getting it custom done or learning to do it yourself. With that said, if you can tie it together then you have a powerful combination on your hands.

Don’t go it alone! Click here to get the Podcast Artwork Cheat Sheet and never make bad a podcast logo again.
Download the Podcast Artwork Cheat Sheet Now.

Creating podcast artwork doesn’t have to be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important than the show itself.

The “clickability” of your artwork is one of the main factors in whether or not your potential listener decides to get you a shot. Choose one of the frameworks above, identify which makes sense for your show, and stop making bad podcast logos today. #stopbadlogos2016

Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis

Over the last 2 and a half years I've worked on 15+ podcasts, consulted 30+ podcast hosts, and built my own podcast from zero to over half a million downloads in the last 10 months. On this website, I'll share the unconventional approach to podcasting that helped me get here.

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  1. Nice work Gregg and very helpful thanks.

    How do you rate Soundcloud as a podcasting base rather than iTunes? The iTunes interface isn’t great and Soundcloud is much more brandable.

    Your thoughts on that?

    1. Hey Terry. I agree! iTunes is a terrible platform with SO many problems. With that said, iTunes is the one with the audience.
      The majority of podcast listens come through iTunes so as frustrating as it is we do still have to be there. I would say do both if you really like Soundcloud but it doesn’t really hold up as a platform on it’s own.

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